published bimonthly by Edizioni Luigi Pozzi, Roma, Italy

Co-editors: Amy Whitehead and Heetae Cho
Managing editor: Alberto Cei

The International Journal of Sport Psychology (IJSP) is committed to the dissemination of both theoretical and practical contributions across the expansive domain of human movement sciences. Manuscripts that investigate the intersection of psychology, sport pedagogy, exercise and sport performance are welcomed within the IJSP's comprehensive scope.

The primary objectives of IJSP are the widespread dissemination of meticolously conducted and pertinent research, the facilitation of discourse regarding theoretical development, and the critical examination of both the validation and contradiction of previous findings. The journal embraces a wide spectrum of research methodologies, underscoring the significance of congruity among epistemiological foundations, research questions, methodological tools, and statistical or clinical analyses. IJSP also encourages the inclusion of well-executed case studies when they are applied appropriately and rigorously.

Comprising the following sections, IJSP delves into various dimensions of human movement sciences, including but not limited to:

  1. Motor learning and control
  2. Cognition and neuropsychological processes
  3. Wellbeing and exercise
  4. Motivation and social psychology
  5. Moral and ethical issues
  6. Intervention / clinical / counseling psychology
  7. Emotion, mood and affectivity
  8. Leadership and behavioral coaching
  9. Cultural sport psychology
  10. Mental health issues
  11. Sport coaching psychology

IJSP remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of scholarship, rigor, and relevance in the field of sport and exercise psychology. We aspire to be an invaluable resource for the global community of scholars and practitioners interested in the intricate dynamics between psychology and the multifaceted realm of human movement sciences.

New Co-Editors

Associate Prof. Amy Whitehead

School of Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moores University

Associate Prof. Heetae Cho

Dpt. of Sport Science, Sungkyunkwan University

IJSP would like to welcome Amy Whitehead and Heetae Cho as the new co-editors starting on September 18, 2023.