Does having more participatory reasons mean more commitment? The simultaneous influence of participatory motives in sportspersons and exercisers

James R.vallerand and Bradley W.young

School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa, Canada

The influence of possessing multiple discrete participatory motives for physical activity (PA) is rarely considered when promoting PA. This study explored the relationship between the number of personally-important motives held by adult sportspersons and exercisers (N = 252), and their PA commitment levels. Results revealed that having numerous personally-important motives translated into heightened commitment levels. Compared to holding one important motive, the minimum threshold related to significantly higher commitment levels was four important motives in sportspersons and exercisers. More numerous participatory reasons may foster greater PA commitment and determining how many motives to promote may be important for promotional messaging.

Keywords: Adults, Motivation, Multifinality, Physical activity