Individualism, Collectivism, Burnout, and Sport Officials: A self-determination perspective

Joyce Yanfang Koh * and Stephanie J. Hanrahan **

(*) Singapore Sports Institute
(**) The University of Queensland, Schools of Psychology and Human Movement Studies, Australia

Using self-determination theory as a theoretical framework, this study aimed to understand the role of individualism and collectivism in burnout among sport officials. Fifty umpires from Australia and Singapore were recruited to complete a multi-section questionnaire. No differences in individualism and collectivism between the countries were found, but results showed cultural differences in basic needs satisfaction, types of motivation, and symptoms of burnout. Individualism had a marginal moderating effect on the relationship between basic needs satisfaction for relatedness and overall levels of self-determined motivation. Results suggest that the process of burnout for sport officials may be different from athlete burnout.

Keywords: Basic needs satisfaction, Culture, motivation, Netball, Umpires