Alberto Cei * and James K. Luiselli **

(*) San Raffaele University, Roma, Italy
(**) Psychology Consultants, Carlisle, USA

This special issue of the International Journal of Sport Psychology concerns sports, exercise, and physical health among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). For some time, the health needs of children and adults with IDD were largely neglected, including their opportunities to exercise regularly, become physically active, and play sports. Thankfully, that situation has changed through increased medical, psychological, educational, and rehabilitation research (Anderson et al., 2013; Luiselli, 2016; Rimmer, Heller, Wang, and Valerio, 2004; Stanish, Temple, and Frey, 2006). In turn, greater attention has been focused on translating research findings into practice guidelines that can improve people’s quality of life at all ages.