The IJSP: from an idea to an established Journal

Alberto Cei *, Fabio Lucidi ** and Sidónio Serpa ***

(*) Department of Human Sciences and Promotion of the Quality of Life, San Raffaele Roma Open University, Rome, Italy
(**) Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Rome, Italy
(***) Lusofona University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Lisbon, Portugal


Cei, A., Lucidi, F., Serpa, S. (2020). The IJSP: from an idea to an established Journal. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 51(5), 401-408. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2020.51.401


The International Journal of Sport Psychology was the very first journal specifically committed to sport psychology, and it was created almost 10 years before the Journal of Sport Psychology that was published for the first time only in 1979, founded by Rainer Martens. Few people know about the many difficulties associated to its founding and development. It was created following a decision of the Managing Council of the recently founded International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), led by Ferruccio Antonelli, to be the Society’s means of communication, as well as to promote this, then, new professional and scientific field, and to enable the diffusion of research all over the World. However, it was hard to found a publisher for this worldwide diffusion scientific journal.