Sport Psychology in selected post-socialist countries

Jan Blecharz and Joanna Basiaga-Pasternak

University of Physical Education in Kraków


Blecharz, J., Basiaga-Pasternak, J. (2020). Sport Psychology in selected post-socialist countries. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 51(5), 471-492. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2020.51.471


The article aims to show the development of sport psychology in the selected European socialist countries. The Soviet Union was deliberately omitted, as it is the subject for a separate article. Sport psychology in particular countries has been presented from the perspective of three distinct periods: the time before World War II, during the socialist period, and after the transformation. Main research areas, forms of practical support for athletes, and organizational activities have been depicted. Sport psychologists from post-socialist countries had and still have a significant influence on the shape of contemporary sport psychology.

Keywords: psychology, sport psychology, former countries, sport psychology associations