Next Issue

List of the articles that will be published in the next IJSP issue.

International Journal of Sport Psychology n. 4/2017

  • Individualism, Collectivism, Burnout, and Sport Officials: A self-determination perspective (Joyce Yanfang Koh, Stephanie J. Hanrahan)
  • Sport team culture: investigating how vertical and horizontal communication influence citizenship behaviors via organizational commitment (Seungmo Kim, Marshall Magnusen, and Damon Andrew)
  • A qualitative content analysis of the Bahala na attitude in Filipino elite athletes (Sheryll M. Casuga, Eric B. Vogel, and Alison Pope-Rhodius)
  • Vigilance performance during acute exercise (Francisco Gonz├ílez-Fern├índez, Jennifer L. Etnier, Mikel Zabala, and Daniel Sanabria)
  • Subjective age and planning strategies for physical activity: Brief report about a domain-specific example from a cross-sectional observation study (Julian Wienert, Tim Kuhlmann, Sebastian Fink, Rainer Hambrecht, and Sonia Lippke)
  • Momentum in tennis: Controlling the match (Helmut M. Dietl, and Cornel Nesseler)