Call for papers for “Sport and Exercise Psychology Research in China” special issue

Interests in the development of sport and exercise psychology research and practices across different cultures and geographic locations had increased as the field advances as a whole. In China, sport and exercise psychology researchers often base their work on research conducted and published internationally, typically by European and Northern American scholars. However, there are recent signs to suggest that more scholars in China are developing their own theoretical frameworks in research development and psychology services. This is not surprising as there are unique features associated with the Chinese culture and the Chinese Whole-Nation System that could significantly influence sport and exercise behavior in China differently from the rest of the world.

In view of the interests in the development of sport and exercise psychology in China, the International Journal of Sport Psychology (IJSP) is calling for manuscript submissions for research conducted in China that exemplifies that nature of development earlier described. The value and timeliness of this special issue lies in the promotion of scholarship in sport and exercise psychology in China, while concurrently presenting a forum for the international sport and exercise psychology community to better understand such developments in China.

This special issue accepts original research or reviews related to (but are not limited to) the following areas:

  • applied sport psychology practices within China
  • indigenous concepts and theories specific to Chinese culture and philosophy as integrated in sport and exercise psychology
  • sport and exercise psychology research based on data set collected in China
  • cross-cultural comparisons involving samples from China

Contributors to the special issue should follow the submission guidelines of IJSP. Manuscripts must be submitted through online. To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue, it is important to specify in your cover letter that the submission is intended for the special issue. Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018. All manuscripts submitted will be initially screened by the (guest) editors and then sent out for blind peer review, if evaluated as appropriate for the special issue. Manuscripts that are well-written and in conformity with the Journal’s guidelines will be favorably considered.

Any inquiries regarding the special issue should be submitted to the guest editor Dr. Chunxiao Li at or to the co-editor Dr. Ying Hwa Kee at